Inwood serviceman named lieutenant colonel

Posted September 10, 2019 at 4:52 pm

Knueven, Jason E.jpeg

Jason Knueven’s military career started 23 years ago and on Sept. 8 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. This achievement comes after much dedication and work in many different positions as Knueven climbed ranks within the National Guard. The last two years, Knueven had been focusing on what was required to become a lieutenant colonel. “Two years ago, I completed CGSC (Command and General Staff College) which is a requirement to make it to lieutenant colonel,” he explained. “And this past year, I had to complete an Advanced Operators Course (AOC).” This intense and time-consuming course requires participants to work with a group of peers from all over the world. Knueven says every experience he has had in the National Guard has helped pave the way to this achievement. “Every one of those positions has prepared me or built me to be where I am today.”