Sanford provider looks to patient benefits

Posted March 14, 2019 at 4:25 pm

Sanford Rock Rapids

As construction continues on the new Sanford Clinic in Rock Rapids, the current group of providers are looking forward to the benefits it will bring to their patients. While there are many features and benefits to look forward to in the new facility, provider Kathy Ranschau, PA-C is most excited that Sanford Fitness Center will continue to be available to the community. “I am happy that Sanford is continuing to operate the fitness center in Rock Rapids. This shows the organization’s commitment to the health of those in this community,” said Ranschau.

Another change on the horizon for the clinic is a move from the rural health clinic status, which may help many patients their lower out-of-pocket payments for services. Ranschau explains, “Depending on their individual insurance plans, patients may find themselves paying their co-pays and not paying larger, out-of-pocket amounts that normally are paid prior to them meeting their deductible.”

Ranschau spent the first 16 years of her medical career as a nurse and has been a physician’s assistant the past two decades. She is certified to perform DOT exams and provide home sleep studies. Ranschau says her patients have become like a second family.

“Infant patients that I saw as a nurse have started their own families and now I get to treat those new family members,” she said. Caring for patients and families from babies to grandparents is an honor for Ranschau, as she says, “With the new clinic, we keep this important connection that we have to the community, which I didn’t want to lose.”