Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Why is he relevant?

Posted January 24, 2019 at 2:51 pm


Why is he relevant?

On Monday, January 21, we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We may have found ourselves inconvenienced because the banks were closed and there was no mail.  On the other hand, being a federal holiday, some got to enjoy a “long weekend.”

Who was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and why do we put life and work on hold in memory of him?  Why should we, here in rural Minnesota, be concerned about a Black preacher from Down South who has been dead for almost 51 years?

Growing up not far from Westbrook, I at one time shared the views that a lot of people had.  Watching TV news, we saw bits and pieces of the marches for equality that he led Down South.  We heard about his “stirring up trouble” and spending time in jail, and we probably wondered why he just didn’t sit down and be quiet and “let things go.”

Please see this week’s edition of the Westbrook Sentinel Tribune for the full story.