Elementary school in the holiday spirit

Posted December 13, 2018 at 5:48 pm

E conc. K-3 choir.jpg


The WWG Elementary Christmas concert presented on Monday evening set the mood for Christmas, just two weeks ahead.

The 5th grade band opened the concert by playing “A Mozart Melody,” “Jingle Bells” and “Merry Christmas to All,” followed by the K-3rd grade chorus that enthusiastically sang 4 numbers. Lyrics of the first 3 songs were written from a child’s perspective: “When the Holidays Come,” “If I Were a Reindeer,” “Mostly What I Wish For.” Their section closed with “Feliz Navidad.”
The 6
th grade band performed “A Festive Christmas Overture,” a medley of familiar carols, and “Sing a Song of Christmas,” adapted from a children’s musical that celebrates the birth of Christ.

The 4th-6th grade chorus sang 4 seasonal songs, starting with “Let It Snow!” The other songs “Once Upon a December,” Reindeer Boogie” and “A Holiday Hand Jive” concluded the program. Both choruses, K-3 and 4-6, knew how to sing with enthusiasm and rhythm. Using motions with their hands to emphasize the music enhanced the message of the songs.

Producing this program was a team effort, beginning with the directors, Luke Nelson (choir), Tasha Cuff (band) and accompanist Amy Herder. Behind the scenes Eileen Helmer, classroom teachers, parents and custodian Randy Swan provided support for Luke and Tasha to produce an enjoyable concert. The stage background for the choruses singing on risers was comprised of art class projects arranged by art teacher Ed Fornberg.

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