Many talents, many places of service

Posted August 8, 2018 at 6:47 pm

Many talents, many places of service

A small house on the north side of Walnut Grove is home to Emil and Betty Bannick, a couple active in the life of the town for many years.

Betty was born and raised two miles west of Walnut Grove.  She started school at the age of 5, attending with her brothers.  She graduated in 1948 and decided to attend a teacher training course, which at that time, was offered in Lamberton.  She and another girl from Walnut Grove would go to Lamberton during the week, having rented a room, and then return home for the weekend.  Once she finished her training, she got a job teaching in a local country school.  She hadn’t ever gotten her driver’s license, so her brother would take her to school in the morning and pick her up and bring her home in the afternoon.

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