Father Robert Mraz
"Here I am… send me"

Posted July 12, 2018 at 2:13 pm

Fr. Mraz.jpg

“Here I am…send me”

Father Robert Mraz has been a real blessing to the Church of St. Paul in Walnut Grove, MN. He began his service in this parish in 2007, when the Diocese appointed him to minister at three churches, St. Mary’s in

Tracy, St. Michael’s in Milroy and St. Paul’s in Walnut Grove.  At that time, St. Paul’s had begun conversations with the leaders in the Diocese of New Ulm about the possibility of closing, but the Lord had other ideas.

Father Mraz was supposed to move into the rectory in Tracy. Because he has mobility needs due to a fused ankle and other things, he felt that moving into the second-floor apartment provided in Tracy would not work.  He approached the “powers-that-be” and suggested a compromise–the rectory at Walnut Grove was all one level, with no steps–would it be possible for him to move in there?  When he was told that he could, no one could foresee the many blessings this move would have in Walnut Grove.

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