Century Farm owner reaches another birthday

Posted June 29, 2018 at 2:45 pm

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Century Farm owner

reaches another birthday


Terrence (Terry) Keller’s farm south of Dovray along County Rd. #42 has reached the status of Century Farm. Today, June 20, he not only has his farm story published in this paper, but he also has his 86th birthday. Happy Birthday, Terry!

The story of the Keller family began on the island of Bornholm in Denmark where Hans Peter and Oliva Holmes Kjoller were living with their daughter Valborg and young son Holger. In 1903, when Holger was four years old, the family immigrated to the United State via Ellis Island. Before they were able to leave the island, officials required the family name to be changed from Kjoller to Keller because the English language had no letter that matched the “o” used in the Danish language.

Please see 6.20.2018 edition of the Westbrook Sentinel Tribune for the full story.