Fun Days in review

Posted June 27, 2018 at 7:59 pm


Early last week, rainy weather caused concern about the impact rain would have on Fun Days 2018. Light steady, rain falling most of Thursday morning motivated the Sanford picnic organizers to move the evening’s community barbeque from the usual location on the east side of the hospital to the Peterson Estates garage on the west side. By serving time, conditions were ideal for eating outdoors. Serving tables were set up in the garage (just in case…) . Picnic tables were on the driveway and Columbus Street.

Evening of Praise, sponsored by Westbrook Kiwanis, took place in the Community Center, so weather wasn’t a concern. Emcee Mavis Jansma’s greeting to those in attendance included her wish for “a night filled with praise.” She led the group in singing “God Bless America,” in reciting the pledge to the flag and in opening prayer.

Please see this week’s edition of the Westbrook Sentinel Tribune for the rest of the story and more pictures.