EMS Week at WWG School

Posted May 31, 2018 at 4:45 pm

EMT 3.jpg

 On Tuesday, May 22, there were special guests at the WWG Elementary School.  They were local Walnut Grove EMTs Buddy Baumann, the EMT director,  Beth Bjorklund and Amy Koblegard who arrived in their chariot, an ambulance.  They were greeted by Dasha Mumm, the school nurse and the students and teachers of the 4th Grade class, ready for an interesting and informative hour.
Upon entering the gym, the students, teachers and EMTs were greeted by a somewhat unnerving sight.  There were all kinds of bodies lying around on the floor!  To be more specific, one complete body, 8 half bodies and 4 babies…all Resuci-Annies were all waiting to play their role in teaching the students the very basics of CPR.  Even as they caught the interest of the students, their role in the morning’s activities had to wait a little while.
Please see this week’s edition of the
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