Trinity Christian High School begins eighth year

Posted August 19, 2015 at 3:59 pm


By Jeanne Visser

Trinity Christian High School in Hull keeps growing.

When students return to the classroom Aug. 24, the expected enrollment will be 76 pupils. That includes 19 freshmen, 22 sophomores, 14 juniors and 21 seniors.

The enrollment increases by an average of three students per year, according to Principal Jim Regnerus. The projected enrollment by 2023 is 94.

Trinity’s staff includes six full-time and two part-time instructors.

Regnerus and Trinity are beginning their eighth year educating high school students in Hull.

“The best part of the job is you get to see a lot of really good Christian kids spiritually maturing. It’s great to witness and be involved with that part of their life,” said Regnerus. “They’re growing up and figuring out who they are and finding their place in the church and the work world. Our kids all come from solid backgrounds. It’s a privilege to work in that environment.”

Trinity’s school board is in the process of putting together a committee which will look at ideas for the next 10 years. Some of those ideas will be carried over from the previous years.

The outdoor athletic field is an example. Extensive grading work has been done so the school can have soccer and baseball and softball fields, but the fields are not a reality yet. Although soccer goals have been purchased and the school will have teams this spring if there’s enough participation.

No dates have been set for building the softball and baseball fields. Currently, Trinity’s softball team plays home games at Centennial Park in Boyden and the baseball team plays most of their games away.

Trinity’s cross-country teams will have a new coach this fall. Jordan DeBoer, a Michigan native, will take over the position. He will also teach eighth grade at Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School.

Another change for the school year is science teacher Cassandra Heynen will teach beginning Spanish. “The second- and third-year Spanish students will continue to take classes through Alpha Omega Online Academy but we’re excited to have Ms. Heynen start teaching Spanish,” said Regnerus.

Last year the school added one-to-one technology. Each student received a Dell laptop on a lease-to-own program. This proved to be a very good move for the school.

“Scheduling the computer lab was getting to be a big headache,” explained the principal. “Now everyone has a computer with them. We chose Dell because of the tech support they offer. We can handle most computer issues in-house. Plus, this freed up a classroom. We’re not tight on space, yet. But this may prove to be a benefit in the future.”

Trinity students will have the option of riding a bus to school this year. Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School is leasing school buses, setting up routes and hiring drivers for their students. The service will also be available to Trinity students.

Regnerus is looking forward to another school year. “A lot happens in a high school. Before this job, I taught grade school for 18 years. I knew about, but hadn’t experienced how much more activity there is in high school. But the work is very fulfilling,” he stated. “We’ve had a lot of academic success with good ACT scores and high college placement results. Plus, we have great support from our families.”