Boyden-Hull gym remodeled

Posted August 5, 2015 at 6:33 pm

bh gym remodel.tif

It’s a new look for the Boyden-Hull High School gymnasium.

The maple bleachers are gone, replaced by grey, molded plastic seating. The floor is lighter, finished with a natural color and the walls have a tint of grey.

Last week, an 80-inch TV screen was installed in the gym, completing the remodel project.

“We’re extremely pleased with how it turned out,” stated Boyden-Hull Superintendent Steve Grond. “The whole space is lightened up and has a fresh feel.”

Grond said the 35-year-old original maple bleachers were showing their age and replacement parts were getting hard to find.

Because the wood floor was scheduled to be sanded and refinished this year, the school decided to add the other upgrades to the project.

“Jeff Meyn talked to people at other schools in our area who have done these projects and he got a lot of helpful input,” said Grond. “He did a nice job of getting this organized and done.”

The refinished floor also features hand-painted Comet logos, 3-point lines for all the side baskets and new standards for volleyball nets when playing with two courts.

The new bleachers are comfortable, have sturdy railings and the first step from the floor is shorter than the old ones, according to Grond.

A new media bench has been added at the top of the visitor-side bleachers.

The 80-inch TV screen will be used primarily for advertisements and announcements during games and activities.

“For example, we may run an ad for the school play or feature our student-of-the month on the screen,” explained Grond.

“Using the facility will be an overall better experience,” he added.

A lot of local volunteers helped remove the old bleachers and those maple boards are for sale. Contact the superintendent’s office if interested in purchasing them.