Trinity Christian High School students visit Chicago

Posted April 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm


The entire student body at Trinity Christian High School was able to make the trek to the Windy City last month, a trip that was a decided success. The trip centered around a choral performance on March 28 that Trinity was able to share with two other Protestant Reformed high schools, Heritage Christian from Dyer, Ind., and Covenant Christian from Walker, Mich.

“The idea to go to Chicago actually started because Covenant Christian was unable to come to Dordt College’s vocal music festival this year,” Principal Jim Regnerus explained. “I was talking with the principal there about it and he suggested we come their way and meet up with Heritage too in Chicago.”

Regnerus approached the school board in the fall with the idea and, because of the positive feedback, decided to pursue it. One problem arose however concerning transportation.

“We were too big for one charter bus and too small for two charter busses,” Regnerus explained. “So we opened it up as far as who could come along to all of our supporters, parents and grandparents.”

There were 62 students and around 25 additional supporters who came along for the ride.

“We’re very appreciative of those families going along,” Regnerus said. “That helped keep the cost down, so it worked out well.”

The two charter buses left at 10 p.m. Wednesday night and traveled through the night to their hotel in Chicago. From there, the group spent Thursday sightseeing. They visited the Museum of Science in Industry, walked Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and Michigan Avenue and saw the Willis Tower. They were also able to visit The Rockefeller Chapel and experience singing as a choir in a large cathedral.

“Between riding on the bus all Wednesday night and hoofing it across Chicago all day Thursday, most people were exhausted and collapsed in bed Thursday night,” Regnerus said. “It was very, very quiet in the hotel. I was grateful I got zero calls from the front desk that night.”

On Friday, March 28, the group met up with Heritage CHS and Covenant CHS and rehearsed and performed a combined concert of sacred music at a local Protestant Reformed Church.

“Altogether the mass number was 220 kids singing,” Regnerus said. “When they were all up there together it just blew you back. It was really impressive.”

The performance was live streamed so parents and grandparents in Hull and Michigan could watch. Calvary Protestant in Hull projected the show in church so people there could watch as well.

“One of our goals was that the students have the opportunity to do something with other high schools that we have fellowship with,” Regnerus said. “That was why the pinnacle of the trip was the concert that we could rehearse together and have meals with these kids. That was the main driving force.”

After the performance, everyone packed up the charter busses and left for home that same night — a whirlwind of a trip.

“It was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn, not only about a different culture or about other believers in another part of the country, but just about how to conduct yourself in that situation,” Regnerus said. “Overall it went terrifically well. There’s certainly a sentiment to do it again.”