“County Commissioners Recall Election” top story of 2013

Posted January 8, 2014 at 8:18 pm


“Two Providers Leave Cooperstown Medical Center” a close second

The Photo of the Week was a hot contest with over 200 people voting and 1653 people who looked at the post on Facebook. “Arrow in the Sunbeam” by Shantelle Pfeifer was the favorite with “Spectacular Sunrise” by Lorrianne Odegaard and “From Horseback” by Alyssa both getting a lot of support with them getting 2nd and 3rd respectively. The sports photo of the week had two photos by Scott Tranby neck and neck, but “Cougar Cheer” edged out “Leininger’s Leap.” “Balloons for Cassidy” was the favorite front page, and “Oil and Agriculture” by Scott Tranby was voted the favorite News/Feature photo (this category was only on Facebook). Voted the top story of the year was the “Griggs County Commissioners Recall Election” where all five commissioners were voted out in an unprecedented election. “Two Providers leave CMC” was a close second showing how our local government and healthcare are important to us.