Valley Senior Services meals a success in Finley

Posted July 10, 2013 at 8:08 pm


Local seniors receive noon meals again

By Lindsie DeFrang


After nearly a year without senior meals local senior citizens are more than pleased with the meals from Valley Senior Services.

In the beginning of June Valley Senior Services of Fargo took over serving meals to the senior citizens of Finley after multiple meetings were held with the Finley Livewires.

“We are extremely pleased with the turn out for senior meals in Finley. The participation is much higher than what was expected and also more meals are being delivered to seniors who aren’t able to leave their homes. It’s exciting that we finally got the senior meals program up and running again in Finley, there was an obvious need for the meals,” said Executive Director of Valley Senior Services, Brian Arett.

Meals are cooked in Hillsboro and arrive in Finley around 11 AM in hot boxes and by 11:30 the meal site assistants Anona Lundstrom and Marilyn Strand of Finley have the to-go dinners ready for delivery.

“Currently we are serving about 35 seniors at the Senior Center. About 9 of those are home deliveries,” said Lundstrom.

“It’s sometimes crazy around here when the food first arrives and getting the to-go meals ready, along with making coffee and setting up, but so far everyone seems to be enjoying the food and visiting while here,” said Strand.

Meals are delivered at the Senior Citizens building on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, those eligible to receive meals are ages 60 and older and those with a spouse age 60 or older.

“Everyone has been very good at calling in time to sign up for their meals or writing their names on our sign up sheet here at the center,” said Lundstrom.

To order a meal call 1-800-845-1715 one day in advance by 2 PM Monday thru Friday to leave reservation for a meal, for Monday call by 2 PM on Friday. Or sign up in advance at the Senior Center in Finley.