A field trip to Inwood

Posted May 15, 2013 at 6:55 pm

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Sioux Falls kids make a trip to Inwood to learn about farming

The Challenge Center’s fourth and fifth grade students from Garfield Elementary in Sioux Falls, S.D., ventured to Inwood Tuesday, May 7, to explore the different aspects of farming.

The kids began the day with a stop at Faber’s Farm Equipment on the corner of Highway 182 and 18 in Inwood to learn about high-tech farm equipment, planting crops, and how their food is produced.

According to Traci Horner, who accompanied the children on the field trip, the children have special learning topics throughout the year, and they are currently studying farming and food production. Horner said the kids are especially interested in the high-tech side of food production.

The Challenge Center at Garfield Elementary is comparable to the talented and gifted program at West Lyon. The program was able to pull resources from amongst parents and others to bring the kids on a field trip to give them a better idea how their food is produced.

After their stop at Faber’s Farm Equipment, the two groups were off to Yesselstein Dairy Farm, about seven miles south of Inwood, to see a dairy operation and the animal food production side of farming.

Their day ended with lunch in the Inwood Park before heading back to Sioux Falls.