Educator of the Year and Silent Server awards presented

Posted May 15, 2013 at 6:54 pm

Educator/Silent Server Awards.jpg

During commencement at West Lyon School Community School Saturday, May 11, two West Lyon faculty members and one member of the community were recognized for their service to the school district.

In 1996, the Leslie and Louise Grotewold family set up a fund in memory of their parents. From this fund, a $1,000 scholarship is awarded a West Lyon senior on Honors Night in addition to the annual presentation of awards for elementary educator, secondary educator and a volunteer of the year.

The 2013 Elementary Educator of the Year Award was presented to Chelsea Snyders, a transitional kindergarten teacher.

In recognizing Snyders, Superintendent Jim Hargens said, “She works diligently to individualize her instruction through her use of modifications that meet the needs of each student in her classroom. She utilizes unique projects, plays and skits in her classroom and makes sure all students are involved in these activities.“

He continued, “She is organized and creative in lesson planning and uses a variety of teaching strategies to meet the needs of all of her students. Her love for children is evident in her dedication to helping students receive a positive experience in her classroom. She is patient, calm and encouraging. “

Elaine Rustand was presented the 2013 Secondary Educator of the Year Award. Rustand, who teaches high school math, was described as an individual whose, “interest in student success is evident.” He added, “She has a passion for teaching and works hard to help students achieve in her classroom. She knows her students’ abilities, as well as their learning styles, and works hard to meet their needs. She is organized and uses a variety of teaching strategies in her classroom. She uses technology successfully as a teaching tool and enjoys learning new strategies to reach learners. She exhibits an enthusiasm for teaching that is felt by her fellow teachers. She is always encouraging and positive. Her educational leadership at West Lyon is appreciated.”

The Silent Server of the Year Award was presented to Kevin Knapp. Hargens said, “Come rain, snow or sleet this year’s Silent Server of the Year winner is always prompt and ready to fulfill his duties as one of the district’s bus drivers. He is always willing to help. He has a great working relationship with parents, students and other drivers.”

Hargens continued, “He is the first to volunteer for daytime field trips. He will even volunteer to drive a different route to make it easier for a substitute driver to fill in for a day. He is patient, observant and exercises caution in watching out for the students and other drivers. He greets each child as they enter the bus. He truly enjoys his job and it shows.”