Rodney Gertner Received “Hall of Fame Award”

Posted May 8, 2013 at 8:01 pm

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Last Saturday Long time Lion Gertner was honored at the 5M3 Lions District session in Rochester

Tom Merchant

Sentinel Tribune

Walnut Grove — When it comes to Lions in Walnut Grove the first name that comes to mind is Rodney Gertner. Gertner has been involved as a Charter member of the club since it’s formation 48 years ago in 1965. The club was formed in 1965 under the sponsorship of the Lamberton Lions Club.

Gertner was named the clubs first president, and after that he became the clubs treasure for about 30 years.

He said “I tried to be at every meeting, we met twice a month up until two or three years ago, when we switched to once a month meetings. I hated to see it go to once a month — it seemed like some times we needed to meet more often — but as the price of meals increased it was getting a little expensive. But the ladies of the catholic church always provide us with great meals.”

The club meets for supper the fourth Thursday of the month from September to May.

After graduating from high school Gertner worked at the Westbrook Bank for three years. He then served in the U.S.Army for two years during the Korean War, as a dental assistant and record keeper.

Upon his return he got a degree from the Minneapolis School of Business. Then he took a position at the Citizens State Bank of Walnut Grove where he worked for 40 years until he retired.

Outside of Lions activities Gertner has been very active in the community as well.

He trained as an E.M.T. and was a volunteer for the Walnut Grove Fire Department. As a member of English Lutheran Church he served on the church board.

Gertner has a passion for registered Paint Horses which he raises.

He enjoyed bowling for the
Walnut Grove Legion team at Lamberton, Revere and Tracy. He was proud to have been on the team when it won a State Tournament.

Gertner talked about the many community projects the club has worked on or donated to.

He listed some of the projects the club worked on. The club has helped park cars for the Wilder Pageant, built a shelter for the Disc Golf Course at Plum Creek Park. “Of Course we planted many trees at the park and helped build the bath house at the park beach,” he said.

Other Lion’s projects included donating to the Fire Department, also helping furnish an apartment at Country View Senior Living, and the Walnut Grove Clinic at Country View.

Gertner said, “we will be donating money for a new sidewalk on the southeast side of Country View with the help of a $1,500 grant from Walnut Grove Foundation.”

In the past the Lions donated help for projects at the Wilder Museum.