Benefit supper for Leroy and Marcia Rozeboom

Posted April 18, 2013 at 1:09 pm


This Saturday, April 20, a benefit supper, silent auction and bake sale will be held for Leroy and Marcia Rozeboom to help cover some of their recent medical expenses.

Both Leroy and Marcia grew up in northwest Iowa, settling in Inwood nearly 35 years ago. In addition to their jobs, they raised three sons here and have been incredibly active in the community, through volunteering and their church. Last month Marcia was even awarded the 2013 Outstanding Community Service Award for all of her contributions to the community.

While the couple has always been, and still is very active in the area, their recent health issues have made it more difficult to keep up with everything.

Their medical problems began in 2006 when Marcia was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. She immediately began chemo and radiation treatments and, once it had remediated, she hadn’t had significant concerns about it returning.

However, unfortunately, it did. In January 2012 after a routine scan, it was discovered the cancer had metastasized. It had returned and spread to a bone in her back. At the time, she received radiation treatments to contain it. However, a scan last January showed the cancer had spread to more bone, as well as the liver. To treat and combat any further spreading, she has received additional radiation in the two affected bone areas, and is now taking an oral chemo pill for the liver. They’re currently waiting to see how the cancer responds to the two treatments.

“With the scanning and so forth, you’re always wondering what the next step for treatment is,” Marcia said. She added, “I’ve been tired; it tires you out.”

The emotional, physical and financial strain of having cancer, and the treatments that accompany it, can weigh heavily on a family. Unfortunately, to add to the strain, Leroy began experiencing heart troubles and with it an added emotional, physical and financial strain of its own.

Over the last year, Leroy has had numerous cardiac episodes, as doctors discovered a valve in his heart wasn’t working properly. Rather than immediately replace it, the doctors tried to bide some time. Last July they placed a stint, which was replaced six months later after becoming plugged, causing Leroy to experience a heart attack.

Again, nearly four weeks ago, he experienced chest congestion as a result of the failing valve. This time the doctors decided it was time to replace the valve with a mechanical one.

“He has been doing really quite well. He has been tired, but he has really been through a lot,” Marcia said.

Leroy will go through rehabilitation therapy and begin working again in a few months, though he will likely experience some limitations at first.

“When you’re off for two months, your stamina is not what it was before,” Marcia said. And added, “each time you have a cardiac event, it’s a little bit harder.”

Regardless, they credit the support of their family, community, church, coworkers and jobs for helping them through these times.

“It helps so much when you have that much support; you know that people are willing to help out and do something for you. It makes a huge difference,” Marcia said.

She said while there are still trying times ahead, ultimately their goal is to get back to a normal lifestyle.

The benefit supper, bake sale and silent auction will take place at the Inwood Community Center from 5-8 p.m. The supper will last from 5-7:30 p.m., with the silent auction and bake sale running from 5-8 p.m. All the funds raised for the Rozebooms will be matched by Modern Woodmen of America. If interested in donating but can’t attend the event, donations may be sent to Security Savings Bank at Inwood.

Benefit supper for Leroy

and Marcia Rozeboom