Spring storm hits

Posted April 9, 2013 at 8:09 pm


An early spring storm hit most of South Dakota Monday night and by Tuesday morning, over a quarter inch of ice covered roads, trees, homes, cars and everything else in its path.

A lull in Tuesday’s storm came late morning and into the afternoon but as of press time the National Weather Service was warning that more ice, several inches of snow and dangerous winds were yet to come and that most of the state was under a winter storm warning.

photos by Sarah Ebeling

Parker saw a tremendous amount of damage with over a quarter of the trees in town losing limbs. From small branches to entire large limbs, Parker City workers were keeping busy removing branches from boulevards and sidewalks.

Street Superintendent Mike Jorgensen explained that although the branches and limbs were in people’s yards, if they would pull them into the edge of the street or sidewalk, he would make sure that they were hauled away so that the residents didn’t have to deal with them.

However — Mother Nature is not done yet. The latest storm is expected to last through Thursday and by Saturday, temperatures could reach almost 50. But no one is saying whether the warmer weather is here to stay, or if more winter is on the way.

photos by Sarah Ebeling