Taking out the trash

Posted February 20, 2013 at 9:28 pm


Taking out

the trash

Starting Friday, March 1, Denny’s Sanitation will be taking over the garbage and recycling route in Larchwood.

Late last fall, Todd Snyders, owner of the Larchwood branch of R&S Sanitation, approached Denny and Dave Altman with intentions to sell the route. After some deliberation they decided to take the opportunity and purchased it.

While there were some considerations to be made, they decided that ultimately working in the Larchwood community just made sense, according to Dave. They were already familiar with the area and have been working in and around Larchwood commercially for a while now, he said.

“We’ve always had a good business relationship with R&S and we’re thankful that Todd came to us when he began thinking about selling it,” Dayna Altman said.

Things were finalized at the Larchwood City Council’s February meeting, where a motion was approved to transfer the remaining seven years of the city’s waste removal contract to Denny’s Sanitation.

Denny Altman and his son, Dave, of Rock Rapids own Denny’s Sanitation. Denny purchased the business in 1985, at which point it only serviced Rock Rapids and focused primarily on trash removal. Since then it has expanded its services and locations, and is now the only sanitation company that is both owned and operated within Lyon County.

The family-owned business now services Rock Rapids, Lester, Alvord, Doon George and soon Larchwood. Its services have also expanded to include residential and commercial trash removal, portable toilet and dumpster rentals, as well as recycling and can redemption. For the time being, they plan to get a feel for the community before adding to their staff of seven.

According to Dave and his wife, Dayna, they will be working to keep the routes and pricing the same for Larchwood customers, and hope that adjustments will be minimal.

However, one thing Dayna did highlight was a need to increase recycling, not specifically in Larchwood but throughout Lyon County.

“We need to stress recycling because landfill rates keep increasing, and recycling will keep the rates lower for everyone,” Dayna said.

Ultimately, both of them expressed excitement about the new opportunity, and look forward to being able to start working in Larchwood.

For more information about Denny’s Sanitation, check out their website at http://www.dennyssanitation.com