Kehl Management Company

Posted February 6, 2013 at 4:41 pm

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Rachel Gutting | Editor

Kehl Management Co., received the final piece of Venture Award last week when members of the Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative presented it with a banner. The company that owns Grand Falls Casino Resort won the award last November and received the plaque at a banquet in West Des Moines on Nov. 29, 2012. However, they didn’t receive the banner until Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Trevor Enger, facilities director, and Sharon Haselhoff, general manager of Grand Falls Casino Resort, accepted the banner, which was presented by five of the nine directors of Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative. They were, President Dale Klinkenborg, Allen “Shorty” Blauwet, Randy Mc Kenney, Randy Roemen, Mark Wibben and General Manager Ross Loomans.

The Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) gives the annual Venture Awards to companies throughout Iowa that have a positive impact on local economies. The nominations are submitted in June, and by early fall winners are announced. Grand Falls was a recipient last year because it employs 525 people, and it’s estimated that over 80 percent of their one million visitors per year are from out of state. Previous area winners were Miller Loaders and Novartis of Larchwood.

According to the IADG website, it is an organization that assists its 200 sponsors and partners by providing consultation and assistance to achieve project development goals. The sponsors and partners are member-owned electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and independent telephone companies throughout the state. These sponsors nominate a company that has made a big difference in their area. Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative and Eastern Iowa Light & Power Cooperative were the local sponsors that nominated the Kehl Management Co., for the Grand Falls Casino Resort project last year.

The Venture Awards have been around for 25 years. Since its onset, 190 organizations have been recognized for their contributions to Iowa’s economy through innovation, the creation of jobs, or entrepreneurial leadership. Special Venture Awards have been presented in the categories of “Outstanding Business of the Year,” “Distinguished Leadership” and “Value-Added Agriculture.”

In 2012 there were nine winners, which included Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. of Hampton, Dow AgroSciences of Nevada, DuPont Pioneer of Johnston, and Sedgwick Inc. of Dubuque. However, the Kehl Management Co., was the only one from Lyon County this go around.

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