Best of the best

Posted January 9, 2013 at 8:36 pm


By Sherry Lind, Editor

The readers of the Griggs County Courier have spoken. Some voted via Facebook, others via e-mail, in-person, or even voted via a phone call. The votes are counted and the results are in.

17 readers voted for their favorite story and Story E, Cooper Theatre’s new digital movie projector, got the most votes at 5, with Story H, Daniel Wacht murder trial, and Story I, Griggs County Courthouse, tying for second with 3 votes each.

Some people who voted in-person said they wanted to choose a feel-good story and the winner is certainly that. Raising enough money to purchase a new digital movie projector was a community effort. Saving the only movie theatre in the county and for many miles around was important to many. If the $70,000.00 needed to purchase a new digital movie projector hadn’t been raised, closing the theatre would have been a reality. The theatre needed to upgrade to a digital movie projector since the movie industry is going all digital.

The best photo of 2012 was a heated battle with many more people voting for their favorite photo: 41 in all. When the dust settled, photo #1 “Cattledrive” by Scott Tranby won with 19 votes. Photos # 2 “Frost kissed berries” by Amy Gravseth and #4 “Hunting sunset” by Jay Grover tied for second with eight votes each. Photo #3 “God’s hand? by Sherry Lind received 3 votes, with several others getting one vote each.