Griggs County Care Center currently in the black

Posted January 2, 2013 at 9:12 pm


By Sherry Lind, Editor

The Griggs County Care Center (GCCC) held their annual meeting on December 29, 2012.

A year ago, the GCCC was in debt $95,000.00. Ken Smith, Chief Financial Officer, said that it is currently $7,700.00 in the black. As of January 1, 2013 new rates will be charged for services and it is predicted that the facility will be in the black $330.000.00 in a year. This is due to the separation of the hospital and nursing home facilities. The dietary department is now part of the GCCC and the Cooperstown Medical Center (CMC) Hospital and Assisted Living pay the GCCC for their dietary services which generates revenue of about $220.000.00 annually for the GCCC. That paired with the rate increase are major factors in the GCCC being put on the path to financial stability. This transition was made to financially separate the nursing home from the hospital and clinic to help it stand on its own and to have a positive balance. This was done on the recommendation from Independent Health Consultants (IHC) out of Bismarck who concluded that if the nursing home separated from CMC it would have the ability to generate funds to put it in the black.

Greg Stomp, the administrator, gave his report. He listed the various points of the transition of the Griggs County Nursing Home to the Griggs County Care Center.

- GCCC Board Created

- ND Health Department (NDHD) notified of Change of Ownership

– NDHD Notifies Medicare

- Secretary of State paperwork filed for Griggs County Nursing Home

- Secretary of State notified of Doing Business As (DBA) Griggs County Care Center

- IRS – Employer Identification Number obtained

- IRS Non-Profit Status filed

- ND Non-Profit status filed

- Medicare approved Change of Ownership

- Medicaid Change of Ownership filed

- GCCC split financially from CMC

- Medicaid approved Change of Ownership

- GCCC Board approves short term Note from Empowerment Zone

-IRS approves Non-profit

- GCCC First Cost report filed

The GCCC is an integral part of the county, employing about 100 people and keeping loved ones in need of care close to home. It has been running at about 95% occupancy.

As a safeguard during the transition, the GCCC secured a $74,000.00 note from the Empowerment Zone to cover payroll or other expenses since a nursing home only receives revenue once a month. That note has not been touched and can be paid when it comes due in February.

During the meeting nominations were made for GCCC board members. Helene Fossum and Janye Ott were elected for another term. The other board members are Kent Dick, Pamela VenHuizen and Lynn Johnson.