Course selections are modified, approved

Posted January 18, 2012 at 4:37 pm


Editor’s Note: The Boyden-Hull Education Association provided its proposal to enter contract negotiations for the 2012-13 academic calendar at the board meeting on Monday, Jan. 12. The Sioux County Index-Reporter will have a story on this part of the meeting in the Wednesday, Jan. 25, edition of the newspaper.

The Boyden-Hull school board unanimously approved course selections for the high school center for the 2012-13 academic calendar during its meeting on Monday, Jan. 12.

“This is something we do annually,” said Boyden-Hull superintendent Steve Grond, who spent the majority of last week in Des Moines attending professional development concerning collective bargaining. “We tweaked some courses and some course descriptions.”

Boyden-Hull High School principal Dan Pottebaum covered some of the changes with the newspaper.

Pottebaum said the school will add a visual studies course in the art department. The visual studies course will cover concepts such as graphic design, photo editing and other applications regarding technology related to art.

The district is able to offer this course with the use of the new 1:1 computer learning system on Apple-platform laptops.

Instead of through a polycom, high school math instructor Glenda Bonestroo will teach calculus live. In the past, the course was offered in conjunction with the Rock Valley Community School District.

High school industrial arts teacher Brent Fedders will teach a crop science course every year.

According to computer applications course instructor Tim Brunsting, teachers will move from using Microsoft Word to I-Works software.

Other course offerings that received tweaking include an animal science course, agricultural business and natural resources.

Along with junior high school and high school resource teacher Brad Van Roekel, Pottebaum attended the RTI Conference in St. Louis on Dec. 5-6. Both Pottebaum and Van Roekel learned further on how to implement its Professional Learning Communities program.

“The convention went very good,” Pottebaum said. “It stressed what we need to be doing for struggling students and how we need to think outside-the-box to get them additional help.”

Board members also covered what they learned at the Iowa Association of School Boards Convention, which took place during the middle of November.

Board members attended breakout sessions on the following topics: school finances, the IASB’s legal position on several issues.

Govener Terry Branstad spoke at the convention to discuss the Educational Blueprint mandate he’s attempting to put into practice. Grond will meet with state legislators later this winter to discuss this matter further.

Board members also covered several policies, with the second reading on Nos. 600-604.1 and the first reading on 604.3-610.

In personnel matters, the board hired Brunsting as the junior high school track and field coach. Brunsting replaces longtime coach Dean Hoogeveen.

Plus, elementary school custodian LeAnn Rensink’s contract was reduced to 16-17 hours per week, down from 24-24.5 hours per week. This is a reduction by one full day.

“Others will pick up the slack, the extra day,” Grond said.


Board members began discussions on the 2012-2013 academic calendar, but no dates are anywhere near official.

* Grond provided a report on improvements to the school lunch program during recent weeks made by TAHER, Inc., the food service provider for the district.

• Business manager Sue Huls covered changes made regarding reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.

* Both Pottebaum and Boyden-Hull elementary center principal Tom Kerr discussed future standardized tests students will take. Kerr also said that several Northwestern College students are serving as student-teachers at the school during the spring semester.

* The Boyden-Hull and Rock Valley school districts have entered its annual canned food drive contest.

The winner was announced at last night’s basketball doubleheader in Rock Valley.