Board examines ‘code of conduct’
Special Polycom, bills also approved

Posted July 7, 2010 at 1:39 pm


The Boyden-Hull school district approved changes to the secondary handbook during its 32-minute board meeting on Wednesday, June 30, at the board room inside the high school.

Many of the changes centered around the student code of conduct policy covered in section VII.

Board members added new language to the handbook to include that violators “may be given an alternative activity to make up for performance points lost.”

Boyden-Hull school district superintendent Steve Grond brought forward this suggestion.

In the current handbook, it states that band concerts, pep band, choir concerts, treble clef chorus, bass clef chorus, state large-group band and choir competitions are considered both activities and events and are a part of the student’s grade.

Those activities and events have not been affected in the “Student Code of Conduct” violations in the past.

The board also scrutinized what makes for acceptable punishment on all offenses if a minor is found to be in possession of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

The school board unanimously approved a polycom unit valued at $14,095, including a three-year extended service program.

Polycom is a special kind of videoconferencing education delivery system.

It also handles video bridging and networking solutions through a program such as Skype. The polycom unit will be used during shared classes between Boyden-Hull and Rock Valley High Schools.

Calculus, statistics, business law and auto accounting will be taught point-to-point through the polycom.

Boyden-Hull’s Glenda Bonestroo teaches calculus and Jeff Meyn is the instructor for both business law and auto accounting. Rock Valley-based Sid Bulthuis serves as the statistics teacher for both districts.

The board also accepted the final 2009-10 fiscal year bills, including $1,000 for the A.R. Hesla Relays track meet back in April. Money was spent on awards and other related costs.

The next board meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 14, in the board room inside the high school.

New carpeting has been laid down inside the Boyden-Hull High School library. New ceiling tile and drop lighting were also added recently. Photo by Eric Viccaro, Sioux County Index-Reporter

Board examines ‘code of conduct’
Special Polycom, bills also approved