Meadowland Farmers Coop shares its Success with Members!

Posted February 12, 2020 at 11:15 pm

The first week of February, Meadowland Farmers Coop allocated over $2.2 million of profits back to their members for Fiscal 2019.  Of the $2.2 million over $784 thousand is being paid in cash with the rest allocated in equity ownership of Meadowland Farmers Coop.   Meadowland revolves allocated equity the following ways; to estates within 30 days of Board Approval. They also revolve equity on a 20-year revolvement, which this year they will revolve local equity earned through 2000, and they revolve all earned local equity as of December 31st the year a patron reaches age 72 the following March. 

Find the full article in this week’s Sentinel Tribune.