WWG going to the dogs — Therapy Dogs — that is . . .

Posted February 5, 2020 at 7:23 pm

Therapy dog Winston ***.jpg


WWG — At the school board meeting last week Chandra Carlson of Carlson’s Pampered Pets Resort made a presentation about therapy dogs in schools. Two seventh grade students, Amry Lembke, and Hank Peterson accompanied Carlson. Her Goldendoodle, Therapy Dog Winston, is half Irish Cream Golden Retriever and half Standard White Poodle. Winston has completed and passed his test through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs with veterinarian Connie McNabb. Lembke and Peterson were instrumental in spearheading a petition asking students and staff if they would like a therapy dog in school. At the meeting the two had secured 94 signatures in just a few days. Carlson showed a short video of the dog in the school with several children interacting.

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