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The Women of Walnut Grove: Firsts

Posted March 19, 2019 at 5:44 pm

In honor of Women’s History Month it is worth looking back at those women that helped shape the community of Walnut Grove in being the first females to hold various roles or professions in our town. Women gained the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was ratified and slowly the road to equality in many areas began to open up. Not to say that women have not been influential in many ways at an early day, for they have been since the start of the village. However, often in these early times it had to be in more subtle ways due to the

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    Charger boys basketball state bound

    The WWG Boys Basketball team, with the support of hundreds of fans, won a pair exciting games last week at Southwest MN State University and punched their ticket to the MN State High School Basketball Tournament for the first 25 years.  In two tightly contested contests, the Chargers trailed only for one possession and Charger Nation erupted as the clock ran out Monday versus Southwest MN Christian and on Friday night versus Dawson Boyd. 

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    WWG Robotics Team takes 4th place

    March 6 the 5991 Team loaded up the robot and hit the road heading up to Duluth for the 2019 First Robotics Challenge (FRC) Destination Deep Space Game.  We offloaded the trailer that night around 7:30 after sitting in line for an hour or so.  The students, along with Bruce Byers and myself, had the trailer off loaded in record time in which Bruce then had to drive away so the next team could start doing the same.  Students and I were able

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    Rain, rain takes the snow away


    As winter draws to a close and spring awaits, it was rain meeting snow that caused wet conditions across the area last week. The combination of heavy rainfall Wednesday, March 13, into Thursday, March 14, rapidly-melting snow and partially-frozen ground resulted in standing and fast-flowing water on roads, in fields and in some homes.

    Portions of

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    Lola Mae Sievers


    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    March 15, 2019

    Lola Mae Sievers, 89, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, died Friday, March 15, 2019, at Avera Prince of Peace in Sioux Falls.


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    One in a Million


    Amber Blauwet already new she found something special when she married her husband, Ben Blauwet. But in February a common illness led to the scary diagnosis of an extremely rare disease. “They call it ‘ultra-rare’,” said Amber.

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    Rizzo is a top dog in detection


    K9 Rizzo of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department earned the right to definitely be called a “good girl.” 

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    Inwood Community Fair scheduled


    Mark your calendars for the fourth annual Inwood Community Fair Thursday, April 4, from 5:30-7 p.m. in the Inwood Community Center.

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    School board hears from parents looking for changes to TK


    The March 11 school board meeting at West Lyon proved to be a time for a constructive discussion between a group of parents and board members about possible changes to the transitional kindergarten (TK) program. Parents, Katie Caven, Maggie Landegent and Melissa Rozeboom, were in attendance to discuss with the board the different options and possibilities for the program while focusing on what would fit the needs of parents within the school district.

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    Upgrades for exercise


    The recreation center in Larchwood is getting some upgrades to gym equipment. The facility received a new rowing machine two weeks ago and will receive a new elliptical machine in the near future.

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