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Meadowland Coop opens new facility at Walnut Grove

Posted October 19, 2017 at 1:24 pm

New facility will speed up grain dumping and greatly expand the overall capacity of the facility

By Tom Merchant

Sentinel Tribune

Walnut Grove — For the past year if you have driven past the Walnut Grove division of the Meadowland Cooperative you would have seen a profound change in the skyline of the elevator. For months workers have been erecting 4 large concrete silos, along with a large steel silo along side. The new facility will add about 2,000,000 additional bushel space to the facility.

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    Rererendum Q and A with Superintendent Woelber

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    A. Yes we did. Unfortunately I was “hung up” on being the lowest taxed district in the region and did not ask for a moderate tax increase then and we felt that our enrollment would hold it’s own in order to keep funding stable. BUT what actually happened was extra students leaving the district along with State funding not keeping pace.

    Q. Why such a large per student increase from $760 to $1750?

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