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Fire destroys Storden home

Posted February 20, 2014 at 4:09 pm

•Family escapes without injury, but loses most

of possesions

Storden — The Storden Fire Department received a call a week ago last Wednesday at 112 Highway 30 in Storden about 7:00 p.m. The home was occupied by Christine Barber and her family. Barber and her family got out of the house safely after smoke was detected coming from the upstairs of the house.

When fire fighters encountered heavy smoke they were unable to fight the fire from inside the house. At this point a backhoe was brought in to open up the roof to get better access to the fire.

Despite the fire being contained to the upper floor, the rest of the house

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    Career fair held in Irene

    Thursday, Feb. 13, was the date of this year’s Regional Career Fair sponsored by the Southeast Enterprise Facilitation Project (SEFP) since 2004 in the Turner County, McCook County and/or Hutchinson County areas. There were 11 High Schools (Parker, Marion, Irene-Wakonda, Freeman Academy, Menno, Bridgewater-Emery, Canistota, Freeman Public, Beresford, McCook Central, and Viborg-Hurley) participating with 274 students in attendance.

    Twelve colleges, tech schools and Universities had a booth on the Irene-Wakonda gym floor in Irene and 21 businesses dedicated the morning for

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    Symptoms of depression in winter could be Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Many might dismiss feelings of depression, especially during this time of year, as a case of the “winter blues.” While the cause of these feelings is indeed thought to be a result of less sunshine in the winter months, these symptoms should not be ignored.

    “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression,” Paula Sanderson, a certified nurse practitioner of Hegg Memorial Health Center, affirmed. “Typically symptoms occur at the onset of the fall season and will tend to go into remission in

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    National Children’s Dental Health Month

    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Dental Association. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of children’s dental care.

    “Sometimes people think that because kids have baby teeth that are going to fall out they don’t need to be cared for as well,” said Trela Knueven, a dental hygienist at Hurst Family Dentistry. “However, baby teeth hold the place for permanent teeth so there’s less of a chance of needing braces if teeth

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    A Love Story: Remembering how we meet

    A Love Story

    Remembering how we meet

    or many, Valentine’s Day brings up feelings of love, romance and remembrance of how you and your significant other met. From mutual friends to parties and so many other scenarios, here is just a sampling of how loved ones in the community met.

    Kelly and Dean Dunkelberger

    We have always

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    Chancellor Cafe opens with new owners

    In November 2013, Mark Reiners, owner of the Chancellor Cafe closed the doors to the restaurant for the last time. Reiners was retiring and getting out of the business.

    However, members of the tiny Chancellor community didn’t have to wait long to get a home cooked meal because on Wednesday, Jan. 1, Tiffany and Chad Skadberg of Freeman purchased the cafe from Reiners and opened their doors on Saturday, Feb. 1.

    “We were

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    High school sweethearts celebrate 58 years of love

    Denny Wright and Pat Zuercher started dating as freshmen at Laurens High School, but their first date was actually when they were in fifth grade. That means the Wrights have been together 58 years.

    “That’s a long time,” Pat said. “I can’t believe I put up with him for that long.”

    Even after 58 years, the Wrights like to remember that first date.


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    Casino cashes out

    he Lyon County Riverboat Foundation (LCRF) announced 12 out of 22 grant applications received funding at the sixth semi-annual Competitive Awards Banquet on Thursday, February 6 at the Grand Falls Casino and Resort.

    Total amount of dollars awarded was $478,197.83. Previously committed multi-cycle grants total $249,646. The LCRF currently has nine multi-cycle competitive grants. They include the following:

    • Inwood Aquatic Center (5th cycle of 20) — $37,500

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    Jump Julie B ***.jpg

    Getting her ducks in a row . . .

    •Julie Boerhave American Heart Association Representative talked to elementary

    students last week

    Tom Merchant

    Sentinel Tribune

    WWG — Last week to kickoff the elementary school’s Jump Rope for Heart event, Julie Boerhave American Heart Representative talked to elementary students about heart disease.

    She asked the kids if they knew anyone that has heart disease, which many showed by raising their

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