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Masters honored for service

Posted April 2, 2014 at 9:25 pm

On Saturday, March 29, at Parker’s annual Fire Department fundraiser, Bob Masters was honored for his 13 years as fire chief for the organization.

Masters, who was elected chief in 2001, recently stepped down from his post but is still on the department.

“I would like to thank the department and community for there support over the past 13 years as Fire Chief. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to many more years on the department,” said Bob Masters.


    Upcoming Kulinary Kings event sure to satisfy

    This year marks the fourth annual Kulinary Kings, an event sponsored by Hegg Memorial Health Center, and a decided success for all involved. On April 12 at A&K Electric in Rock Valley, chefs representing local businesses will bring their best and most delicious creations for the community to enjoy. A total 750 tickets were sold in four days, ensuring that this year’s Kulinary Kings will again be a success.

    Nancy Dickmann, Hegg Memorial’s director of foundation development, is in charge of the event

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    Celebrate Hull at Awards Night and Miss Hull event

    The community is invited to celebrate Hull on April 12 at the Awards Night and Miss Hull event. This year marks the 50-year anniversary of the Miss Hull pageant and 43 years since the Little Miss Hull competition was added to the evening’s lineup.

    This year, there are seven juniors vying for the Miss Hull title and seven kindergarteners competing for the Little Miss Hull title. All girls must be residents of Hull.

    “For both Miss Hull

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    National Children’s Dental Health Month

    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Dental Association. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of children’s dental care.

    “Sometimes people think that because kids have baby teeth that are going to fall out they don’t need to be cared for as well,” said Trela Knueven, a dental hygienist at Hurst Family Dentistry. “However, baby teeth hold the place for permanent teeth so there’s less of a chance of needing braces if teeth

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    Chancellor Cafe opens with new owners

    In November 2013, Mark Reiners, owner of the Chancellor Cafe closed the doors to the restaurant for the last time. Reiners was retiring and getting out of the business.

    However, members of the tiny Chancellor community didn’t have to wait long to get a home cooked meal because on Wednesday, Jan. 1, Tiffany and Chad Skadberg of Freeman purchased the cafe from Reiners and opened their doors on Saturday, Feb. 1.

    “We were

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