Supervisors conduct public hearing on budget amendment, rezoning

Posted March 17, 2020 at 6:49 pm

A number of county department appropriations will change after a budget amendment to the FY20 budget was approved by the Lyon County board of supervisors Tuesday, March 10. There were no public comments received during the public hearing. Chairman Mark Behrens introduced the resolution, allowing for a budget amendment per Iowa Code, which provides for department appropriations which result in an increase or decrease. The following department appropriations will change due to the budget amendment: $5,369-auditor; $7,000-attorney; $15,491-sheriff; $3,378-recorder; $(465,000)-secondary roads; $(286,155)-conservation; $130,697-ambulance; $102,300-board control; $3,583-courthouse; $12,250-casino board control; $656,005-non-departmental. The total department increases and decreases due to the amendment are $184,918.

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    Green thumb development

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